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Solo healer challenge! (A.K.A xXxHealer69xXx) [oh god WHY]

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So last night was the beginning of our solo healer challenge! Based on the fact that healers annoyed me by complaining of overhealing normal with 3 healers and 27 people I decided to put them to the test by telling them to pick a boss and solo heal it. If they did they got to call dibs on one Ms piece of loot(within reason). Each of them graciously turned down the loot but They managed it! here are the results: 

Dimurson: cronomatic anomaly

Deesip too Trilliax (logs went screwy)

and Kurama did Krosus:

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Fantastic idea, Sor. This was one of the best raids ever!

Doing a boss xXxHealer69xXx style makes everyone play better and pay closer attention to mechanics, as the healer can't possibly cope with loads of unnecessary damage if people ignore mechanics, expecting to be healed through.